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Company:Sami Vehmaa
Release Date:2008-10-28
Size:0.84 MB
Price:Free Original Price:$0.99

Classic voice and audio recorder, record anything you can imagine, kids birthday party, shopping list, business deals and others. Fast action buttons to select audio bank no need to type in anything and take a photo for each recording.


– Simple interface
– Records in .caf (no 4GB limit)
– Email your recording with photo
– Wifi webshare, download your files with a webbrowser
– 7 Recording banks
– Shows what banks are occupied
– Record seconds or hours
– Date/time on recordings
– Erase all/single file(s) at a go.
– Shows warning on overwrite/erase
– Screen rotation 180 degrees
– Sample frequency 22khz, IMA 4:1 compression for small files
– Your own wallpaper design from photo library on each memory bank
– User manual in english & swedish
– Requires OS3.x

Do look at my more advanced recorders, AudioMemo, GX-400D and ReelDeck.

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