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Create iPhone Avatar Pictures for your Address Book

Limited offer start from 2009-11-23 -> Free Now

Release Date:2009-02-23
Size:0.88 MB
Price:Free Original Price:$0.99

PicBook is a very iPhone-like way to create avatar pictures for people in your address book. Just create a face by sliding with your finger through the available assets.

What PicBook currently offers:

– easily create a face of someone you know by sliding through the available assets
– you can add glasses or a beard quickly
– change color of skin, hair and eyes by tapping on the screen
– use the assign button to assign a newly created face to a contact in your address book

If you ride the tube or bus, have to wait for your doctor or are just bored: It is fun and takes you just seconds to get a cool looking result! And of course: it syncs with your Mac, you can get icons into iChat and so on. The possibilities are endless.

PicBook offers a huge number and variety of assets:

1. Hair: 26 female / 13 male
2. Eyebrows: 16 female / 16 male
3. Eyes: 15 female / 14 male
4. Nose: 16 each
5. Mouth: 17 each
6. Beard: 8 male… sorry no female
7. Glasses: 3 models in 2 colors

Different colors for hair and skin are available. Just tap on the the face or hair.

Designing a picture of your friends has never been easier!

Update on progress: We hear you and are working on an update. Not clear when this will come out. But the next update will concentrate on the bugs and minor usability flaws.

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