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Free PPS tv for iPhone and iPad

iTunes Apple: PPSTV for both iPhone and iPad

 iTunes Apple: PPS TV

Developer: ShangHai ZhongYuan
Categories: Entertainment
Release Date:July 09, 2011
Language: Chinese
Size: 10.6 MB
Price:Free !
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later


“PPS video” is special design for the users of iPad / iPhone. It is the new development of online video player, relies on PPS’s unique video transmission, video compression technology and rich media resources.

Generally, PPS Video able to play the video smoothly and stable. To that end, PPS will continue to advance the user experience. In particular, the latest film and television shows. Enjoy PPS Video Online Now!

Click Here To Download

Add A Comment | July 11th, 2011
  • it’s a great app but the search area is troublesome! and stupid sometimes. i tried finding harry potter but it could not fin it. however, i stumbled upon it by accident once. and even after watching it. when i tried searching again, it still showed no results.

  • Sasa_1122

    I’ve issue watching the stream video and also the local video that I have downloaded. Do you have any idea what had happen?

  • ElizabEthxu3812

    我下载ppstv ppa 在手机。为什么要收运营商费流量费? 会怎样收呢?

    • Anonymous


    • Wxiang9173


  • Leongweixian

    English available?

    • only chinese at this moment

      • Shbfbb

        do u know when the english one is comming out?

  • Nick

    How do I change the language, or at least the subtitles to English?

  • Amateur

    I have saved some movie files from app on iPad. I don’t know how to retrieve these downloaded movie files.

    (1) How can I retrieve from iPad?

    (2) How can I remove these files from iPad?

    • 1. you cant retrieve it unless you use certain 3rd part app
      2. on the movie play button, slide from right to left to delete it

  • hanyi

    can itouch download pps to see movie??

    • shawnver


  • Fffff

    How can i play the movie? Im totaly lost after i updated it.

  • steph86

    I upadted to the 1.3 version and it sucks! Anyone has the .ipa file for the older version and can post it here? The new version has area restrictions and doesn’t allow all movies to be viewed or downloaded in certain countries. SIGH.

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