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Hello Kitty Camera in Your Iphone Ipod !

Hello Kitty Camera

At a party or on a date. With your family, friends or kids.

“If only there was some way to make friends with that person…”
“If only there were some way I could liven things up…”

Times like these are perfect opportunities to take everyone’s picture with the Hello Kitty Camera!
Try taking your picture with that special someone using the compatibility check mode!
Hello Kitty is here to help make your wishes come true in a fun way!

When Hello Kitty is the cameraman, half the fun is seeing what type of picture you get!
They’re guaranteed to be unique and cuter than you can imagine!
For instance, everybody’s heads might turn into apples, or they might be wearing the same outfit as Hello Kitty.

You can save the pictures you take in your album and mail them to your friends.

Hello Kitty Camera Features
– Automatic face-finding (can find multiple faces at once)
– Auto-design frame image composition
– Compatibility Check mode for couples
– 15 different Hello Kitty logos
– 15 different headpieces
– 15 different accessories
– 15 different decorations
– 12 different particles

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