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How to Add Scrolling Board on Iphone OS4

Free Scrolling Dock & Folder

Scorlling Board on Iphone
ScrollingBoard is tweak for iPod,iPhone and iPad, that allow you to scrolling , unlimited icons in your dock and folders, addons in your dock like iPodControls and Volume/Brightness Slider, scrollview effects, and etc.

Install Guide
1)Under CYDIA add SOURCE

2)SEARCH “ScrollingBoard” (From xSellize)
After installed, Scrolling Board is available under the phone SETTING

4 Responses to “How to Add Scrolling Board on Iphone OS4”

  1. hire blackberry developers Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I have used this step for adding “Scrolling board”:
    From xSellize, search the “ScrollingBoard” and installed it.
    After installation, “Scrolling Board” is available under the phone “SETTING”.

  2. KGS Says:

    My dock is not scrolling but folders scrolling is working well. Please help

  3. Anonymous Says:

    try this source:

  4. Jaybee Says:

    After waiting for so long, I finally have Infinidock on my iPhone 4 4.2.1. This source works! Thanks man!