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How to Copy File from Your iPod

Transfer Your File without using iTunes

Copy file from iPod

Generally, we’re not permit to copy or transfer files such as music and movie from iPod to desktop. At this moment, photo is the only digital files that allow us to copy and access directly. In order to freely copy and transfer all iPod digital files to desktop, we need third party software such as CopyTrans. CopyTrans is a freeware that allow iPod users to transfer their digital files to desktop.

Rebuild, repopulate iTunes library from iPod

* Transfer all data from iPod to PC, songs, playlists, ratings, play counts, last played, etc.
* Supports videos, movies & TV shows
* Import audiobooks & podcasts (incl. subscriptions) to iTunes in the correct order & categories
* Transfer album artwork cover from all models of iPods, incl. iPhone & iPod Touch
* Backup iPod music & recover to PC with all personal settings
* One click iPod import to iTunes. Copy, restore, recover and move from iPod to computer
* Update iTunes with recent iPod changes (incremental backup)

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