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How to install a Firewall to your mobile phone

Lockdown Apps – Firewall & Privacy Protection

Developer: Confirmed, Inc.
Language: English, Japanese, Spanish,
Size:56.3 MB
Price: FREE !
Requirements:Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Lockdown is the world’s first Open Source firewall for iOS, allowing you to block any connection to any domain and protecting your privacy across the web. For free.



– Block any domain / service
– Works for all apps, not just the browser
– Useful preconfigured defaults
– See what’s being blocked


– Open Source: Since firewalls have access to *everything* you do, it’s critical that any firewall you use should be open source. Lockdown is 100% open source.

– On-Device: Lockdown does its magic on-device and doesn’t connect to any servers, or third-party analytics, or anything else. This way, everything you do stays private to you.

– World’s Simplest Privacy Policy: Here’s the entirety of it (July 23rd, 2019) – “Everything Lockdown does stays on your device, so what you see is literally what you get, and nothing more or less, because that’s the way it should be.”

Download link: Click Here!

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