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iPhone Games: Tips and Tricks for 1112 Episode 2

1112 Episode 2 Walkthrough

– Lift the pillow and take the wallet.
– Open inventory and push on the wallet to take your credit card out,
– Go to the bathroom. Push the switch on and “listen to the wall”.
– Open the garbage can and take your pills and tore papers.
– Open the inventory and use them to start solving puzzle.
When the piece appears in the right place it becomes inactive so it rather simple.
– When you’ve solved the puzzle open it in inventory and look on the other side, then you will see your pin code for your credit card. (2080)
– Open the tap and go out of the room ( just tap the floor [named hall] )
– Try to open the 1111 room then go to the “G” floor using the lift.
– Take the umbrella, lift the pen on counter and take the note, search the slot machine go out.
– Talk to the hot dog seller, ask him about his fiancée.
– Use your credit card on the ATM (remember the pin?) then push the withdraw button.
– Head to 11 floor to the room 1113 now
– Talk with Conchita and try to take the keys. Back to the streets.

– Talk with hot dog seller about ring, then head to the jewelry and try to talk with jeweler.

– Give the weird guy an umbrella. Take the key. Go the 10 floor, room 1014 ( use keys )
– Take scalpel (on a poster) and go to the bathroom.
– Take the crowbar and use it on the crazy man ( fast move with your phone ).
– Take Gloves. Use scalpel on slot machine.
– Thats a multi touch puzzle , so u need to take 2 wires with 2 fingers
( 6+2 , 7+8, 12+4 ,18+5, 29+13 )
– There were a hint on the note u picked
( 8 -15 – 16 -23 -42 )
– Take the pack of money, Use the crowbar on the car.

– Ask jeweler about “3272 4763” ( there’s only one ring with green emerald on the desk )
– Ask about price. Use money on the seller.

Give the ring to the hot dog guy.

– Sweet , Get to the 11 floor, room 1113 , get the keys and use them on room 1111.
– 1st floor now. Talk with receptionist and ask him about sudoku.
– When you solve the puzzle ask about cellphone.
(There’s supposed to be a random numbers on each iPhone)
– Now you have to call to the Goodman office (number at business card – 577 465 992)
(you must put iPhone in portrait mode to toggle the game phone)
– Head the underground.

– Enter the office and talk with secretary until she calls the security.
– Talk with bum about Clara and singing (dry throat).

– Take the bottle in the can.

– Take the screwdriver (behind pillar [zoom] ) .
– Ask Archi about the sleeping pills and trigger the level 2 Sudoku.
– After you have solved this puzzle ask him about sleeping pills and get keys.
– Use key on cabinet on 10 floors to get pills.
– Then you need to take flashlight in 1111 in bathroom and women magazine in bathroom in 1113.

– Use whiskey on bum.
– Use pills on secretary’s coffee, use her device to place your fingerprint in database.
– After that you free to pass scanner on the wall.
– Use flashlight to reveal the darkness. Use crowbar on planks 2 times.
– Move the small chest and use screwdriver on the big one.
– Louis feels he needs to go home, let’s head to the hotel.

– Puzzle. After you had solved the LEVEL 3 SUDOKU ask Archi about “Directions”
– Head to the underground.

– When you arrive try to enter the bus.
– After the conversation took place give the “Magazine” to an old lady.
– Head to the “Dandy cookie”. Try to take cupcake on the stand, then give tony the 50 bucks .
– Underground now. Back to the “Dandy Cookie” and take the cupcake .
– We’re at the gas station now .
– Talk to the guy and ask him about pass. Look the scene then use the pass on the lock .

6 Responses to “iPhone Games: Tips and Tricks for 1112 Episode 2”

  1. Hasimaru Says:

    I have finish the game and it was awesome! Good game and im waiting for 1112 ep 3

  2. Proximac7 Says:

    I’m frustrated because I keep using the crowbar on the planks to destroy but nothing happens. Is it because I’m playing it on an iPad?

  3. guest Says:

    no its not trigger harder

  4. Proximac7 Says:

    I’m frustrated because I keep using the crowbar on the planks to destroy but nothing happens. Is it because I’m playing it on an iPad?

  5. Techsophi Says:

    The 3 level sudoku is insolvable! I have 8 number given in every upper rows , but where to put 8 in upper middle square? ? ?

  6. Afisch3 Says:

    sorry but it has taken me less than 10 min to solve it ;-)