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Lose Your Weight with iPhone

Fatburner Coach Lite

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Release Date:2009-10-24

Size:4.70 MB

Price:Free Original Price:$0.99


This app is designed for women, there are special versions for men called “myPersonalTrainer” and “Sweat and Tears”.

FatBurner Coach is your daily tool to lose weight and feel better. This customizable and entertaining application was developed together with motivation and fitness coaches.

You can build your own workout plan by choosing from a list of 50 training plans. Your personal trainer will show you every single exercise and will give tips how to do them best and what to avoid. He will give vocal advice on the speed of the exercise as well.

Key features:
50 training plans that define the training for a 8 week period
9 one day training course
fitness test to determine your fitness level
stats area to track fitness level and daily workout
knowledge base to help building your personal training plans

The application is localized in 5 languages (english, german, spanisch, french, italian).

This lite version allows you to use 1 training plan for 1 day. The full version delivers 50 training plans, a statistic area to track your progress over a long period and a lot tips how to build up your own training.

So, Lose your weight Now!

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