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MyWi 4.7.7 Installation Guide

MyWi 4.7.7

1. Make sure you remove any existing MyWi  and Rock
2. Go to to create a new RockID
3. Open Cydia
4. Go to manage, sources, edit, add.
5. Add these two sources:  “” and “”
6. Let Cydia refresh
7. Go to Cydia and search for MyWi.  Install MyWi (No Rock) from the iWOOWIZ repo
8. Go to Cydia and search for RockApp(elpelle6) and install it
9. Go to Cydia and search for Rock Extensions(elpelle6) and install it
10. Go to the Rock that you just installed and log in with your new account
11. From Rock, search and install the MyWi trial version
12. Let the phone reboot
13. Open Cydia
14. Go to Changes, you should see MyWi 4.7.7 available.  Upgrade it!
15. After MyWi 4.7.7 finished update and respring, remove RockApp(elpelle6) & Rock Extensions(elpelle6)

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