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The Solution of Nick Chase Crossword (iPod/iPhone version)

Nick Chase: A Detective Story (iPod/iPhone version)

As a matter of fact, The Crossword game in motel is only available at iPod/iPhone version. Anywhere, for those who still cant figure out the answer, kindly refer as below.

2. Evidence left by touch —- fingerprint;
3.Name of unknown male corpse —- JohnDoe;
5.Dark postage —- blackmail;

1.The science of investigation —- forensics;
2.A fake document —- forgery;
4.Nick‘s goldfish —- Felix.

5 Responses to “The Solution of Nick Chase Crossword (iPod/iPhone version)”

  1. Claire Austin Says:

    OMG thank u sooooo much. Stupidly I forgot the goldfish’s name & got stumped on one other question. You have saved my sanity lol.

  2. Shawn Liv Says:


  3. Leonmore794 Says:

    Thanks you saved me a tons of time !!!