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Top Essential Cydia / Jailbreak Application on iPhone iPod

Source Lists of Cydia

 Top cydia

First of all remember to add source:

(just add all)

  • / cydia
  • / apt

List of the the Applications

  1. autolock sbsettings (with a permanent long-sbsettings can open iphone, navigation, time)
  2. After the necessary software to jailbreak: (with crack to download crack version!!!)
  3. 20 second lock screen (will be extended lockscreen light 20 seconds)
  4. 3g unrestrictor (with 3g analog wifi connection, can play skype phone, watching high-definition youtube, etc)
  5. 5-row qwerty (5 row keyboard, fast and convenient, there are several shortcut keys)
  6. appsync 3.x (itunes to install cracked ipa)
  7. attachmentsaver (for mail)
  8. backgrounder (exit app will still be able to run the background, such as listening to the radio)
  9. bitesms (you can forward sms and delete individual sms)
  10. categories (put the app into the folder to reduce the desktop icon)
  11. cycorder (iphone 3g exclusive, filmmaking)
  12. cydelete (springboard directly to long-press can be del package)
  13. cyntact (contact list display portrait images)
  14. emoji (Open Drawing text)
  15. extended preferences (to increase setting in settings)
  16. five / six icon dock (the dock to five or six)
  17. flashlight (can be used when the flashlight)
  18. fontswap (convert fonts)
  19. hk carrier firmware (display station logo)
  20. iacces (Chinese input method, including intensive, Cang Jie, strokes, etc.)
  21. iblacklist (to block some people’s sms, phone)
  22. iblank (can be made invisible icon, in fact already sbsettings)
  23. ibluetooth (transmitted through bluetooh phase, mp3 to wait until the other mobile)
  24. ifile (Explorer, select sinfuliphone about that crack version of email enter can crack)
  25. ihome (similar to the shortcut keys, you can use less home button)
  26. imobilecinema (in the safari to see flash videos)
  27. installous (without itunes you can download and install ipa)
  28. isteamy (18 cut-off … Do not ask)
  29. jphone (be able to remove the phone records of individual grouping function)
  30. live time (the time and pattern of clockwise rotation with the second hand)
  31. lock down (installed app locked)
  32. logome (the boot logo should switch to your favorite patterns)
  33. memtool (free memory, so that iphone run faster)
  34. mplayer (direct broadcast rmvb/h264/mpeg4/wmv player)
  35. mysms (can be removed separately fw sms and sms)
  36. offline map (off map)
  37. openssh (use winscp program required)
  38. orbit (1 Ye-off show 9 springboard, and then jump directly to a page)
  39. quick unlock (quick access to homescreen)
  40. rename (to change the name of the apps)
  41. rotation inhibitor (forcibly set safari or a straight horizontal screen display)
  42. safari download manager (safari-specific, with the ifile allows you to completely take control iphone file)
  43. sbsettings (must be installed, a number of shortcut keys (fast open wifi, 3g, etc.), hide icon)
  44. sources (plus source can have more software available for download)
  45. springsjumps (Skip to springboard to other pages)
  46. statusnotifier / reminder (prompt software)
  47. touch dial plus (in the homescreen one click you can call)
  48. universal search crack (spotlight can be universal search internet)
  49. veency (the computer control the iphone)
  50. vibrus (typing will shock)
  51. volume boost (to make iphone volume increased 20%)
  52. volume media settings (up / down volume keys to become the next / previous song, with a Bluetooth headset by Froebel)
  53. weathericon (so that the weather pattern shows the current temperature
  54. winterboard (beautify the iphone playing personalize themes)
  55. yourtube (download youtube to iphone)
  56. yxflash (Online see wmv / avi / mpeg)

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