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Top New Cydia/Installer Applications for iPhone/iPod 2010

Latest Updates of Cydia/Installer Applications

5-Row QWERTY Keyboard: QWERTY keyboard with the row of numbers.

20 Second Lock Screen : Makes the lock screen stay on for 20 seconds instead of 5 seconds

Activator : To launch them with gestures, status bar taps, and hardware button presses.

AddCallHistory: To add calls which haven’t occured into the iPhone call history.

afc2add : Package to add afc2 service for USB browsing of filesystem.

Applinks: AppLinks automatically creates shortcuts for all AppStore apps for quick access.

backgrounder: It simply allows you to run your apps in background mode.

Blacksn0w : blacksn0w via Cydia to unlock iPhone 3G/3GS OS

bosspaper: To control preferences on your iPhone that Apple left out

Categories: Move your springboard icons into folders!

Cydelete : Deletes jailbroken iPhone applications straight from the SpringBoard.

Cydia in Chinese : Chinese Interface of Cydia

Extended Preferences: Extended Preferences is an application that adds additional.

Five Icon Dock : Five icon dock

FiveRow : Five row icon

FiveColumn: Five Column Icon

FontSwap: Default Font and replaces it with a Font of your choice.

kirikae: To switch directly from any application without going back to springboard

iblack : Allows you to create blank icons on the iPhone’s springboard.

LiveClock: A live clock on your springboard

Lockinfo 2Do Plugin : Adds a native plugin for 2Do tasks to your LockInfo screen

Lockinfo Clock Plugin : Adds Date, Time and Calendar into the LockInfo lock screen mod.

Lockinfo RSS Plugin : Adds RSS feeds to your lockscreen.

Lockinfo Things Plugin : Adds a native plugin for Things tasks to your LockInfo screen.

Lockinfo Todo Plugin : Adds a native plugin for Appigo Todo tasks to your LockInfo screen.

Lockinfo Twitter Plugin : Adds a native plugin for Twitter to your LockInfo screen.

Lockino Weather Plugin : Adds Weather to your LockInfo screen including a six day forecast.

Lockscreen Clock Hide: Hide the clock on the lock screen.

Lockscreen Dim Delay Control: Ability to control your lockscreen’s dim delay,

Map Enhancer: An addon or a tweak that adds special functions to the default google maps

MakeItMine : Change your mail name

MulticonMover: A mod that allows you to move more than one icon.

OpenSSH : Connecting to the iPhone remotely lets you use the full power of your device.

ProSwitcher: Allows switching between applications running in background.

QuickScroll 2: Quickly scroll in a page

ReflectiveDock: Reflection for icon

Rename : App Rename

SBSettings: Quick way to enable and disable functions

Springback: Backup and Restore your entire HomeScreen

SpringsJumps: Quickly jump to different SpringBoard pages.

Status Notifier :To place notification icons in your top taskbar.

Volume Boost: Boost your iphone volume

Weatherlcon: Icon for Weather

Winterboard: Able Change the Themes and individual icons, to customize your iPhone.

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