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Useful Unit Converter for iPhone/iPod Download

Convert Units for Free


Release Date:2009-11-28

Size:1.3 MB


Convert Units for Free! Add this useful unit converter to your collection of essential everyday tools. The company worked very hard in bringing you an application that has everything user need for unit conversions, while keeping it as simple and user friendly as possible. This is as intuitive as it gets.


✓ Simple, yet refined user interface
✓ Hundreds of unit conversions
✓ Copy & paste (for OS 3.0 users and above)


✓ Angle
✓ Area
✓ Data
✓ Energy
✓ Force
✓ Length
✓ Mass
✓ Power
✓ Pressure
✓ Speed
✓ Temperature
✓ Time
✓ Volume

Click Here to Download

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