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Free Iphone Chinese Input Download

Chinese Input Free 免費倉頡速成輸入法

Company: Fung Kam Keung
Release Date:2009-10-21
Size:1.15 MB

*** Original Price is US$0.99 ***
*** Next update will add on SMS and MMS function,and it will sell about US$2.99 ***
*** Therefore, Download First ***

Cangjie and Jianyi input method in Chinese.
This app contains more than 13285 chinese words.
This app can increase the efficiency in typing chinese in iPhone.

There is an in-app update function, so as to update the chinese words database from our server directly.

A Cangjie dictionary is including, you can search any chinese words and learn how to type in Cangjie or Jianyi.

There is a ranking list, you will know the first 30 words which you typed the most.

A typing game is added. See how much words you can input within 180 seconds. The game rules are below:
1. Start at 180 seconds
2. type corrected word will increase marks: number of code x 100
3. type the word wrongly will deduce marks: 100
4. for each 10 correct words, you will have 30 second more
5. the game will stop until the second is count to 0

###Please reminded that you can’t type Cangjie or Jianyi outside this app###

Click Here to Download

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