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Iphone Game: Tips and Tricks for Nick Chase #1

Nick Chase: A Detective Story

Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats, & Strategy – Part 1


  • Click on the brush that is on the small dresser that is on the floor and it will go into inventory.
  • Click on the fish tank to get a closer view.
  • Grab the brush from inventory and click it onto the bowl 9 times in order to clean the tank out well.
  • Click on the tall cabinet that is in the back of the room and the doors will open.
  • Grab the fish food that is on the right side and it will go into inventory.
  • Grab the food from inventory and place it on the fish bowl.
  • Click on the bowl again and the pop-up window will disappear.
  • The phone starts ringing, pick it up.


  • The location of the first envelope will be shown to you, the screenshot will show you where the rest are.
  • Pick up the bullets that you find around the scene and you will receive extra hints.

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