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iPhone Games: Tips and Tricks for 1112 Episode 1

1112 Episode 1 Walkthrough

– Tap on Anna – talk to –
– Click through all available option (most of the hints are learned through talking to people).
– Whenever a word appears in green, tap on that word and in will go into a list.
– Turning of the alarm clock.
– Tap on the stop button. Then shake your iPhone or iPod.
– Getting the medication, Open the door.
– Open the door to the left.
– Open- tap. -Admire- mirror. You’ll see the safe code in the mirror: 20 <- 80 -> 30 <-.
(Basic Control: You can get into a map mode by tapping on the second button from the top and double-tap any room you want to go to)
– Move – painting (center piece). Open-safe.
– Safe, Turn the dial with two fingers. Go from 0 straight to 20 (the way you count or counterclockwise), the other way to 80, the other way to 30.
– Bedroom- Pick up- medication.
– Inventory (top button on the right) use magnifier (second button from the top) to watch the medication more closely. Turn it so you can see the pills, tap and swallow.
– Turning on the boiler.
– Talk to Anna. Open all available doors, you will be able to reach all the rooms mentioned below.
– Kitchen – Open- cupboard above fridge. Take – notice.
– Inventory- Magnify notice. Now you can pinch-zoom the notice and magnify it. You will be able to read – 42°- on the front and the settings of four switches on the back (left, right, left, left).
– Take – matches on the right. -Check- boiler.
– Left dial (black) on 4, right dial (white) on 2, switches left (0), right (I), left (0), left (0).
– Tap on light, it will be green.
– Inventory – Grab- matches (third button from the top). – Use with- boiler.
The Goodman-File
– Hall – Pick up – wallet. Pick up – phone. Talk to Felicity. Leave the house.
– Garden – Open –  mailbox. Pick up – envelope.
– Inventory-  Magnify envelope, turn it around. – Open- envelope.
– iClone -Call Felicity. Corridor – Switch on- computer. -Use- computer.
– Computer -Tap- on the email-Icon. Pinch-zoom.
– Tap on the email with the red exclamation mark.
– Drag-drop all the photos on the printer icon (bottom left of desktop).
– Corridor 4x: -Pick up picture- on the printer.
– Inventory- Drag-drop all four pictures into the Goodman-File.
– iClone –  Call Felicity.
Anna’s car key and phone
– Garden -Talk to- Anna. – Bathroom – Check- towel.
– Towel – Tap on phone. -Take-.
– Garden- Use phone with Anna (pick it up from inventory). -Enter- car.
Felicity’s medication
– City Center- Answer iClone. Talk to stranger.
– Pharmacy-Talk to- Don.
– Option -Dritilla 50MG- and -Customer- (from the list) are needed to advance.
– City Center-Talk to- Stranger, -Dritilla-
– Bar-Talk to- Todd, -cigarettes- ,  Bar-Talk to- Todd, type in -Felicity-.
– Antiques shop – Push- Knickknack on the right of Felicity.
– iClone- Take picture. –Bar – Use iClone with – Todd.
– City Center – Use cigarettes with – stranger.
– Antiques Shop-Use Dritilla with- Felicity.
Coffee for Mr. Goodman
-Bar-Talk to- Todd, -coffee-, -change- (from list), -another photo- (from list), -Anna- (from list)
-Bar- chose any option on Tood.
-Antiques Shop-Use Coffees with- Felicity.
Painting for Goodman and Account Book for Anna
-Office – Use File with – Goodman.
-Office – Talk to – Goodman, -file-, -painting- (from list).
-Grocery – Talk to – Anna, -painting-.
-City center – Answert call from Anna. -Office-Take- keys (above the fan).
-City Center – Use (car) keys with- car.
-Lounge – Use small key with- cabinet (under painting).
-Lounge – Take- book (in cabinet).
-Corridor – Pinch-zoom in order to get a better view of the painting. –iClone – Take picture.
-Garden -Use (car) keys with – car. -Grocery -Use account book with – Anna.
-Office –Use iClone with – Goodman.
Hotel Room.
-Hotel Room -Think- view.

29 Responses to “iPhone Games: Tips and Tricks for 1112 Episode 1”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Very helpful walkthru for those hard to find sequences to advance the game :) thanks a lot for your review!

  2. Barbara Says:

    thank you for the run through. Definitely appreciated.

  3. bohemyo Says:

    the boiler doesn’t work…
    left 0 – right I
    left 0 – left 0
    —>> —>>

  4. Lost Says:

    I can’t get the boiler to work either…!!! Please..anyone??? I’m going crazy…!!!!

    Thanks for the tips page though!!

  5. tito Says:

    hi men the word customer foen’st appear on the listo with the conversation qith todd =(

  6. Pelonix Says:

    The boiler doesn’t work, i follow the instructions but nothing happens
    Help please

  7. Alexisknt Says:

    One the switches are un the right place.. N knobs r on 4 n 2 keep tapping thered light till it turns green then use matches as he will mention it. It’s old so a couplle of taps is needed.

  8. Alexisknt Says:

    Keep tapping then red light an itnwill change to green.

  9. Mient188 Says:

    The photo i took from felicity in the antique store is not sexy enough. How to make the sexier photo? Otherwise todd won’t give me cigarettes. Someone please?

  10. Bikergirl Says:

    Hi, How do I’ll get a sexy photo? Tod says that it is not sext enough

  11. Canon550d Says:

    you first have to zoom on felicity and then take the photo

  12. spades Says:

    you have to undress felicity first then take a photo. you’ll get a case of beer and cig for that.

  13. Corrie3008 Says:

    No u don’t ! U have to push over an ornament to make her bend over to pic it up then u get the pic

  14. Justinlimkaiming Says:

    where is the hotel room???

  15. Dstaff69 Says:

    The boiler didn’t work on the I phone app stupid instructions

  16. Triples81498 Says:

    its suppose to be

    < <

  17. Triples81498 Says:

    where is the office?

  18. Marjohn Says:

    It’s the white door in the Antique shop, right in front of the front door, to your left.

  19. Stuck Says:

    Help, please.
    Playing on iPad. How can I show Todd the pic of felicity?

  20. Marjohn Says:

    just drag the iClone to him.

  21. Rdkll1993 Says:

    i don’t know how to use the matches for the boiler… help! :(

  22. Rickyzhang10 Says:

    Can you do one for iPad? Cus I think it’s different

  23. Ursvd Says:

    At this part of the game:
    – Take – matches on the right. -Check- boiler.
    – Left dial (black) on 4, right dial (white) on 2, switches left (0), right (I), left (0), left (0).
    – Tap on light, it will be green.
    – Inventory – Grab- matches (third butt
    on from the top). – Use with- boiler.

    ….my game stops. The red button will not turn green. I dont know if it is à bug in my game oe if i’m doing something wrong…..but what’s there to do wrong?

  24. Marjohn Says:

    you should keep tapping the button until it turns green; it will turn green eventually.

  25. Guest Says:

    The boiler does not work! Everyone keeps listing 1 right and 3 lefts???? should it not be 2 of each?

  26. Strivens_1987 Says:

    There boiler is on. Where do I go from there?