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New solution to Create and Protect your Passwords

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i-Password Image

Company: AOBO Co.,Ltd
Release Date:2009-10-08
Size:4.91 MB
Rate : 12 +
Price:Free Original Price:$1.99

This is an application about how to save and create password for you. In this application we provide a total new solution to create and protect your passwords.

1. Introduction:

Now almost everyone of us has to use a lot of passwords in our life, from drawing money from bank to logging in to PC/Internet to see our mails. But it is difficult to remember all the passwords.

It is well-known that people is GOOD at remembering IMAGE but not the alphabet or numbers without any meaning(if you give your password with some meanings, that means your password is not safe enough).

So this application give your a image of your password, what you have to do is ONLY remembering the image pattern of your password.

For example, if your password image pattern is:

/ / (in order to explain how use this application we call it image pattern, you can call it anything else.) then your get your password from the following image, your password will to be: 55355647

A 1 4 5 5 6 A 7

2 d 3 4 0 1 4 3

4 5 7 8 a 6 2 3

5 q 1 3 5 9 0 H

It is very clear that remembering ‘//’ is easier than remembering ‘55355647’. Of course your can define any kinds of password pattern of yours, which is easy for you or have some meaning.

2. Features:

A, Adding, deleting, modifying your password image. It also can used as a password creator.

B, Password option: Number+Roman alphabet or Number only.

C, Saving option: DB or DB+image

if you set to save to DB, the password image will be saved in the DB of your device.

if you set to save to DB+image, besides in the DB, the image will be saved in Photo Albums of your device, you can print it out or send it to your PC by e-mail or anything else you can do to a photo.

D, Adding your current used password into password image is also supported . the procedure is following:

1), Create a new password image.

2), Touch the title of created password image, based on you image pattern, touch the letter you want to modify, input new letter in the inputting field, at last save what you have changed.

E, It is safe and convenient.

Because only your password image pattern MUST be memorized by yourself, it is a very easy thing. Even if your password image is found by someone else, it is very difficult to guess your password without knowing your password image pattern.

3. Notice:

As a user of this application, you MUST decide and memorize of image pattern by yourself, and found your password based on the image pattern in your mind.

4. Supported languages:

English, Japanese, Chinese

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