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Ultimate 2012

Limited offer start from 2009-11-21 -> Free Now

Company:Ambient Channel,LLC
Release Date:2009-03-06
Size:12.24 MB
Price:Free Original Price:$0.99

This is the only 2012 countdown you will need. Features an ANIMATED mayan calendar always moving, always reminding you that time is of the essence. Each wheel of the clock animates independently in portrait and landscape mode.

Whether or not you believe in the 2012 phenomenon, you can’t deny a beautiful time piece.

HINT: A surprise video and your Time Capsule messages wait for you when the countdown reaches December 21, 2012

What do you want to accomplish within the next few years? To remove an item, hold with your finger then swipe. Simple and clean ‘to do’ list.

One piece of advice or proverb for every day of the year.

Send yourself a message to the future and lock it with a turn of the vault wheel. Not to be opened until 12/21/2012


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