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Why JailBreak (JB) 2012 ?

100 Reasons to Jailbreak

A Short Video for World Wide Jailbreak Convention(WWJC) to show the 100 Reasons to Jailbreak. Created by Jailbreak Matrix.

Here the 100 Reasons
zypher – forget the home button
Barrel – Add cool transitions
Facebreak – FaceTime over 3G
AirBlue – share files over bluetooth
TruPrint – improve AirPrint capability
DoubleAt – keyboard email shortcut
KILLBACKGROUND – close all apps at once
IGOTYA – track your iphone thief
iBlacklist – block unwanted calls
AdBlocker – block unwanted Ads
icon renamer – rename your iOS Apps
MULTIICONMOVER – move multiple Icons at once on your iPhone
gridlock – put apps anywhere
take photos from any screen
add pictures to contact list
add email attachments
Winterboard – enjoy 5,000+ Winterboard themes
dreamboard – or try a whole new look
SMSMILEYS – Add Emoji Smileys
Animate – add a cool boot logo
unlockfx – unlock with cool FX
INFINITE TWEET – add long tweet functionality
WeeTrackData – track you data usage
WEESPACES – multitask from the notification screen
Color Keyboard – choose a new Keyboard Color
BytaFont – change your default Fonts
ISOUNDS – change your sounds themes
Remove Clock
Add seconds
Change Slider Name
APP STAT – log app usage
PLAY AWAKE – use your songs as a wake up call
CLEVERPIN – disable pinlock on trusted LAN
view your calendar
make quick notes
change camera shortcut
Remove the lock screen
Facial Recognition
infinidock – add more icons to the dock
IconBounce – make Apps bounce
poof – or make the disappear
launch siri from NC
launch apps from NC
WeeRoll – Ass transitions to your NC
sbrotator – rotate your iPhone springboard
DISPLAY RECORDER – record your iphone screen
Overflow – add coverflow effects to your dock
ANYVOICE – change siri’ voice
GRIDTAB – preview 9 tabs in safari
SIMPLEXITY (Switcher Sense) – change your way of multitasking
MULTIFLOW – multitasking
BLURRIEDNCBACKGROUND – blurry background
Mirror Widget – add mirror
html widgets – add html widgets
FIREBREAK – add panoramic support for other devices
ZTOGGLE – add supoport to unsupported devices
RETINAPAD – make iphone apps into iPad apps
UNIBAR – search within addressbars
autocorrectionbar – add auto-correction to your iOS keyboard
or try the swype keyboard
3G UNRESTRICTOR – watch high quality youtube over 3G
MULTITUNES – sync itunes with multiple libraries
PWNTUNES – copy photos and music without itunes
Iconoclasm – go from 4×4 to 5×5
Camera Wallpaper
change your carrier name, replace your taskbar clock
LINGUAL – use siri to translate
SIRINBA – use siri to tell you the NBA scores
SIRILOVELYRICS – search lyrics using siri
Sprintomize – Customize almost everything
ANICONS – sbettings springboard toggles
XBMC – Xbox Media Center
VOICEUTILS – Reboot power off respring
SPEAK EVENTS – speak notifications
SARA – sara alternative siri for iOS deviec
ITRANSMISSION – download torrents
PROTUBE – download YouTube Videos
IFILE – Browse your File System
INTELLISCREEN – all notifications in one place
WIFI BOOSTER – boost your wifi signal
5 ICON DOCK – add another icon to the dock
SCREENDIMMER – customize your dimming options
CLEAR FAST – clear all alerts at once
I KNOW IT – one reminder for low battery
SIMANAGER – backup your contacts to sim
ISHSHIT – backup ishsh to restore to previous firmware
X-BACKUP – restore your jailbreak apps
Cydia Attacher tweak – Send Files via iMessage
WeatherIcon – Live weather Icon
CamFast – Launch Camera from Anywhere
SwitcherLand – Rotate iPhone into LandScape Mode
PhotoEnchancer – Hide Photo Albums
MusicBanners – Add Music Banners to Notification Screen

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